Creationism Backfires at Tulsa Zoo
Matthew 13:31-52 "What is the Kingdom Like?" for Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thanks TextWeek!

Thanks to the Text Week website, which made the Blooming Cactus the "Link of the Week" last week.  This sent over 2600 visitors last week.  Unfortunately, as a new blogger, I did not have the "comments" tool turned on, so no one could leave comments.  I have corrected that.  I would appreciate feedback on how you use my content in preaching or daily life.  I want to make this site a good resource for people who want to understand and preach these ancient texts in our postmodern world.

If you aren't familiar with Text Week, it is a fantastic site for links about the Sunday Lectionary Readings.  It links to scholarly articles, bloggers, sermons from ancient to modern and other resources for every Sunday.  Find it at

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