Luke 14:1, 7-14 "Great Banquets Are Never Easy"
Jeremiah 18:1-12; Psalm 139 "What Does it Take to Shape a Human?"

Questions Jeremiah Asks


Throughout the summer I preached the Gospel Lessons, and as Fall comes (or is that called Octoberfest here at First Lutheran?) I feel the need for a change. As I read the lectionary I became intrigued with Jeremiah. My Old Testament professor, Bill Holliday, who spent over 30 years writing a commentary on Jeremiah, called him the weeping prophet. Jeremiah asks hard questions and we live in times where hard questions should be asked. As I looked more closely at the lectionary, Jeremiah raises questions and the Psalm for the week seems to provide the answer. So that is the format I will take each week, creating a dialogue between Jeremiah’s tough questions and the Psalm’s hopeful answers. The questions and the scripture lessons for each week are listed below.

Sept 5. – “What Does it Take to Shape a Human?

Jeremiah 18:1-11 
Psalm 139 

Sept. 12 - “How Long Will People Be Wicked?”

Jeremiah 4:11-28
Psalm 51 

Sept. 19 - “Is There no Balm in Gilead?”

Jeremiah 8:18 
Psalm 113 

Sept. 26 - “Are You Ready to Buy the Farm?”

Jeremiah 32: 1-15
Psalm 146