Penn State Candlelight Vigil 11/11/2011 - Old Main - Alma Mater
Epiphany Preaching

Happy New Year with a New Plan!

Jujuy-cactus-2-bThis blog has lived up to its given name.  It sits out there like a cactus, staying alive when it doesn’t rain for months.  Every few months I get a surge of energy and water it, and like a Christmas cactus, it blooms in season.  I am always surprised when I check in a few months later and find a steady 30 or 40 hits a day on my old entries- along with spam comments selling knock-off Coach bags and Viagra.  Despite my inconsistencies, it just doesn’t die. 


It feels like a sign of grace to discover Blooming Cactus surviving somewhere out there in The Cloud of cyberspace, whether I am being creative, energized and faithful… or not!  Since grace received is grace to be shared, I feel led by the Spirit to continue weekly blogging.  I’m going to change up the format a bit, focusing less on getting out a sermon early enough to be useful to others.  While I will still offer weekly lectionary reflections, my purpose here is to provide a probing, joyful, passionate and sometimes scattered and messy journal of a preacher’s weekly journey.  For me, my purpose is accountability to my call to preach.  Ironically, that means this will be a blog about Spirit-led listening to my life and discerning the signs of the times. Preaching is like telling fishing stories, a 15- minute distillation of hours by the water, listening for God.   For you, I hope it will be a source of ideas, comfort, challenge and laughter. 


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