I Kings 19:4-8 "Angel's Bread"
Job 38:1-41 - Open Thread

Clearing the Tumbleweeds

TumbleweedLately Bloomingcactus has been more like tumble weeds.  Last week I surveyed my blog site and found the weeds had grown on it.  Spam was everywhere.  Apparently advertisers seem to think I have the perfect site to sell mail order psychotropic drugs, pain medications, knock-off purses and watches, and  various accoutrements to improve your sex life.  I had no idea there was so much synergy with a scripture lectionary blog site! 

So where have I been, you ask?  Last Spring I was busy with a pastoral search process that landed me in at First Churches in Northampton, Massachusetts.  It is a great blessing to be full-time in a congregation again.  The summer has been a blur of moving and getting to know people, figuring out where to get my hair cut, finding a good plumber, etc. 

Now I’m ready to blog again.  It is a sign of grace to me that words I wrote and forgot many months ago still blossom out there in “the cloud.”  The site gets quite a few hits on Saturday night, and I am glad to be of help to other clergy struggling to meet the constant demands of preaching.  This is meant to be a site from which you borrow.  Just give me credit when you quote, tell your friends to follow along, and make some comments when you feel moved.  Feedback keeps bloggers like me engaged.  (I humbly observe that ego always drives my writing.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit gets involved too.)  I am moving to more of a blogging format rather than trying to get my sermons out early.  I will post thoughts about the lectionary passage by Tuesday, probably in a messy stream of consciousness posting.  I will put up sermons probably after the fact with comments.  There is a big archive from previous years if you are looking around for something. 


I have worked on how to better interface with multiple ways of content delivery.  (What did I just say?)  You can now click on the bottom of the page to send out a posting you like to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  If you would like to follow along weekly, you can do so through Facebook and Twitter or click on the “subscribe” button and pick your favorite reader.  Enjoy the site and may you find blossoms in the wilderness along the way!