Psalm 23 - "Good Shepherd 3.0"
Joy Through it All

Keep Hope Alive

IuAs the Presidential primaries grind away, I have one conviction left. Despair is not the answer. I could spend my time ranting about the fear-mongering on the right, how big money corrupts the Democrats, and how poorly Sanders faired with minorities as the campaign trail reduced him to shouting slogans. I never expected anyone running for President to have all the answers. If I let the front page of the New York Times govern my mood and actions, I would not leave the house today.

Thousands of people will leave their houses today to do hopeful things. Teachers will head out the door with lesson plans, social workers will go and do their best to reach people, scientists are going to keep working on curing cancer and the green energy revolution. Reformers, entrepreneurs, artists and caregivers will wake up and do what they do best. Giving ourselves to the work of our lives in hope is what matters. The world will always be a mess, so don't wait for it to change to suit your ideals.

I won't judge you for feeling awful about the world. The pain is real. It is a sign you care. This is simply an appeal to believe in what you do, that together we matter, and if we give in to despair, the Trumps of the world have already won. If this makes sense to you, like and share.