Luke 15:1-10 "Lost Together"

My New Blogsite

Finding the Hearts True PathLife changes.  When I started bloomingcactus, I was starting life over and felt out in the wilderness.  My writing helped me find that the wilderness is a beautiful place that helped me heal.  I have enjoyed writing and sharing for over 10 years.  So it is very hard to let go of this site and identity.  I no longer feel very cactus-like, nor out in the wilderness, and I have not been maintaining this blog due to a lack of interest and focus.  

So I have started a new site called With All My Soul.  I have moved all my sermons to the site, plus I'm posting new ones as I go.  I'm also sending out a weekly email for pastor's and other church leaders called "Motivational Mondays," on a variety of topics to keep you going throughout the week.  If you have enjoyed reading my blog, take a minute and head over to my new site.